Are there possible hackers in Ramoness Arena?
# 1

I'm from Asain region. I paly a few Ramoness Arena with my guildmates. Opposite with this Raven player twice, name Xyleshka from Dandelion server. My class is huntress with more than 3800 DP after ware Savage stone of victory, not sure about his CP, I can't find his name on top 100 CP rank list. But every time he uses skill ‘doom vortex’ did 5-6k dmg. I just want to know if that is possible for Raven class. I hope it's just me lag with internet or lack of skill. But it seems Raven is very overpowered at PVP. 

2020-06-26 01:50
# 2
My main is a gladiator with 6831 cp. I went up against a striker named zeht from same server with 6845 cp. My spinning slash attack with the continuation jump attack never dropped him to the floor. I saw the knock back effect and hit him again thinking he was going to go to the floor but nothing. Then since I'm in front of him he spin kicks me to the floor and does all his attacks. Please increase Damage for spinning slash or the rest of our attacks if they need them. Thank you for the improvement you've made to gladiator.
2020-06-28 13:31
# 3

There is a no knock-down cheat out there. I've ran into this as well. I play with two other guild mates every day for an hour, ran into a Raven who never once hit the ground no matter how much control we put on them. I play a Raven and my mates play a Paladin and Huntress; so we have plenty of "knock down" moves. And being a Raven myself, I know when and when I can't knock down another Raven. Needless to say, no matter how hard we tried, she never hit the floor. Even with the pally attempting to grab.


There are also speed hackers and teleporting as well. These seem to be less often, but we've run into a few the last couple weeks. All my team does is screen cap their names, record the time of the match and report it. Not much else we can do. =\

2020-06-29 10:50