Gladiator is trash in arena.
# 1
Reposting to make sure that the topic is always available so other Gladiator players don't have to dig through or create. If you're a gladiator feel free to drop a comment. I'm a gladiator ranked Diamond with 6500 cp on Hiedel all my gear has been awaken. Every other class has better or faster everything than us. Better crowd control, evasion, stuns, knock downs, attacks, super armor abilities, and even phasing. Our shield button is a joke also with the fact that our movement is walking speed. We have to blow evasions so that our shield doesn't break and knock us down. That already puts us at a disadvantage because now we have less evasions during the beginning of the match. Our charging thrust that is supposed to help us against range is ineffective. We even have to blow our evasions so that we can close the distance to get closer to the oppent. Our shield charge has no effect on oppents that have super armor or an evasion button. The latest modifications to void knight has made charging thrust, shield charge, take down ineffective.
2020-06-18 19:34
# 2
try challenging Gladiator in Master Arena or in Challenger arena. They aren’t thrash. you just suck at playing it
2020-06-19 03:16
# 3
Oh nice another gladiator wait the pic you have as your avatar is of a paladin. Paladins are op aren't they? At least that's what I've read on some reddit page. So you're saying I suck because I'm not in masters ranked arena? Have you not read my complaint? Apparently if you're in ranked masters arena and getting owned by gladiators you must suck.
2020-06-19 15:44
# 4
I know that feeling. The Dev seems did everything to weakening The Gladiator; they took his piercing spear skill (to protect/attck Gladiator from med-range); make cooldown longer (make almost anything longer for Gladiator, actually); weakening his Shield--make it easy broken (so the Gladiator vulnerable in deffence stance); make any buttons disable a moment whenever shield got hit (so buttons tap respons time now more slower); took Super Armor from Gladiator "pure attack" skill (so he's vulnerable when attack after charge)--easy to cancelled/counter; make his any charge slower (weakened Forward Thrust to make it less effective and often failed); make Shield Charge shorten in range, even in double, and ineffective (so its failed often); make his dodge limited and longer in cooldown (so you often run-out option to evade, even there's situation that u can't do anything); make grab short and less effective (unlike Titan--Paladin--Grand Master Grab, for example, its almost exactly), even it seems buggy now and often failed, and its not enough... not enough..., the camera-lock movement for gladiator now seem nerfed to, become slower to move, even sometime like pausing a seconds, opening the side and or the back side of Gladiator (remember its mean shield facing for gladiator), so his side and back side more easy to open to get hit by opponents because this shield auto-movement become slower (and even seems buggy). Anything Dev did to editing to weakening Gladiator, its now too much, its too much, I don't understad at all, they seems slowly killing this class, disrespect us, did not considered us as Gladiator player that works hard for this our fave class since this game 1st release, gooose... unbelieveable, less peeps 'll play this class, its weird and horrible, and make Gladiator now seems much buggy and experienced weird fight.... And desync thing... my goose its so annoying for Gladiator since accident = fatal, for Gladiator. And, yes, there's exist hacks (seems the Dev can't do nothing yet for this problem, we help them by recording the battle for proofing, but yes its couldbe mean lose fight for us...): desync hack, no cooldown hack, no/shorten/faster animation sequence hack for skills, damage hack, speed/move speed hack, etc and this so horrible for Gladiator, its even worst for all his slowness by the Dev it self, so our problem doubled.

Sed, very very sed. Honestly can speech no more for this, just trying to resist and keep existed then just go if it seems unsolved. I pick this Gladiator up as my main Char since first day login, in the day this game released. So disappointed to experience this, this ascension was like a downgrade for me, its worst experience ever.
2020-06-20 10:51
# 5
It's a combo class but how can you combo if u can't even catch them. I wish we had paladins shield charge and a long range attack that could knock our opponents down. I hate the fact that our shield charge only stuns for like half a second. So if I have to switch attack set and then attack with the slow animation they've already evaded or stunned me.
2020-06-21 08:36