Please Consider us mobile users
# 1

PLEASE BDM! PC users and other players who uses contollers already have an advantage against us mobile users when it comes to player versus player. Regarding your recent update of the quickslot, everything went worse, even if we can change it to mode A, B or Combat mode, we still struggle through it, please take note that not all of us has a small thumb, some of us have bigger ones and we struggle through accidentally pressing the wrong skills. From Master having 3,900 I went back to 3,400 straight, this may be common, but still wont change the fact that we still struggle to cope up with this. I hope you will put this into consideration, I am a member of a BDM group on Facebook containing 33k members, and most of them complained the same.

2020-06-16 20:07
# 2

1. buy a bluetooth controller

2. pair it with your device

3. ???

4. profit

2020-06-17 01:56
# 3
Same problem here. At least please add back switch skill to normal mode A. It's very uncomfortable to swipe screen it makes me use the wrong skill instead switching
2020-06-17 18:34
# 4
Topic has been deleted
# 5
I like the new combat mode, but at first i struggle a bit but ive been practicing the new. combat mode in normal arena..need lots of practice hahaha
2020-06-18 00:55
# 6

Hello everyone, i personally like the new combat mode , it's quite cool, i do reccomend however testing it out for a while before doing ranked , because the new arrangement of the buttons coupled with muscle memory will pretty much destroy your games. On the same topic, do any of you guys experience camera turning "lag" after the update. Previously i had no issues , the camera turned instantly, but after the update , there is sometimes even a 3-4 seconds delay , i'm obviously talking about tatget locking in arena. It's quite bad for me personally since i main a raven, and the quick in and out with preemptive dodges style the class offers gets pretty complicated when you have no idea where your enemy is, since the camera dosen't turn lik it used to. Does anyone have the same experience? Is there a fix of sorts? Thank you all!

2020-06-18 06:18
# 7

come on guys, this is not what you want to do "complain" ,  its a game you should be having fun, if it stresses u out then quit.

and i think you're getting stressed at your MMR in arena is going down, you have a lot of day to go still man to reach 4k.

The PC boys will not have a problem regarding the adjustments since they can adjust their key mapping

But isn't it exciting doing something new instead of doing the same thing over and over again?

practice is the key, they provided us new features for the controls and they manage to fix some issues of the D-pad going out of control, so its nice for everyone since its the common concern. and i think the changes was made to resolve all control issues.


and do you think they would change it back because you're losing? because you're not used to it? come on man, gamers nowadays huh?


heres what i'll make it simple and forward

we play games to pass and proceed to a new level, since its fun and "challenging".

If you want to be spoonfed then try to create your own game or just play a non online solo game instead.


2020-06-18 19:27