How are people already max level?
# 1

I've been playing fairly often everyday (at least 8-10 hours) since the game came out and im only level 41 now. Was the game in closed beta at one point in NA?


2019-12-15 18:35
# 2

There might be local release of the BDM for a while. Saw many guides and also a Korean version APK v4 for far back as about a year.

This new version released at December 11 , a Global version of a game. So yes, BDM is old game.

2019-12-15 20:18
# 3
There was a soft release for certain countries last month I believe or it may have been the month before but either way that's probably why they are
2019-12-16 02:52
# 4

I'm completely f2p and im level 54 its just about grinding the game hard and getting over the first 2100 cp kind of barrier to progress in story which gives a ton of exp, also started last week

2019-12-17 01:16
# 5

Im a F2P player myself. started yesterday midday, already at level 40 and 1420CP.

utilising everything i can for exp and refreshing black spirit mode every 3 hours if i dont have time to play 

2019-12-17 01:36