P.A. really?
# 1
What the heck?! 30 tries for force enhancements all fails? Better off just selling them?
2020-04-13 18:31
# 2
Bro...believe me when I tell you...trying to enhance past +40 when awakening equipment is released will be incredibly more Difficult and will break everybody’s wallet😂😂😂...
And when you fail to enhance awakening gear past +40 your gear enhancement drops by one number each time
On Korean version enhancing 4 times after +40 was the limit before real money has to be spent
One person would probably need 100 billion silver to fully enhance their awakening gear 10 times after +40
It really sucks and I hope they make the awakening enhancements easier but I doubt the developers will😩
2020-04-14 09:27