Idle pets even with weekend event
# 1
1 can not developers do a simple test and check that even with that 30% fall of chests still still a pet that does not get to work? 2 do not give a date with the solution of this tedious problem 3 that little attention to the client they have because they go several days from the problem and just today they realized, when we are writing in the forum and here all day so that they solve the problem with the nerf of falling chests .... 4 This 30% buff still does not fix the problem ... there is still a pet that does not work ... is it so difficult for a developer to play 5 minutes and realize that? Oh my God!!!
2020-03-06 06:47
# 2

2 pets idle at all time ... (almost 3 HAHA)

TY PA! <<< Sarcasm

2020-03-06 07:20