Does Pearl Abyss Detest the Warrior/Gladiator Class?
# 1
However much I enjoyed playing BDM, I can't help but notice that the developer has been ignoring, setting aside, and to a certain length, bullying the Warrior/Gladiator class.
The class has never been the strongest in PvE and PvP, which is acceptable in my opinion, but it seems to me that the developer still think it's not weak enough. Players have been complaining how warrior/gladiator is vulnerable against classes that can kite them, but even in the ascension update, developer still remove their super-armor skill, the sole escape for them from being bullied from distance, and to ever so slightly increase their chance to close the range.
The last update especially broke my heart. I couldn't find any base to justify developer's decision to buff the paladin class, that has been dominating even before the update. The so called class counterpart has even been spoiled by the healing skill in their Valkyrie days -a privilege a Warrior never had.
With a slower attack animation, longer cooldown, and no protection except the one that always needs to be manually switched on (and is still vulnerable to certain skills), Developer want Warrior/Gladiator to face their monsters, and want the monsters to win.
My question would be: Is Warrior/Gladiator adopted, that you don't show equal love to them than to your other children?
Has one of your testers tried playing the class? And if so, is the goal to find more ways to weaken it?
I really hope one of the admins will answer my questions, because I've been looking for reasons to be happy with my class choice, and to be honest, I haven't found enough.
2020-03-05 03:29
# 2

I am curious as to what your warrior/gladiator play style is

2020-03-05 08:46
# 3
Does it matter? Or are you trying to put the fault on me? Because whatever style I say I'm using, you will tell me to use another one.
I believe the problem with especially gladiator isn't related with the playstyle, but rather to the slow cooldown, slow animation, lack of cc, vulnerability to knock down (even when shield is up), and slow recovery from knock down.
With those weaknesses, we have to face other classes with higher speed, better escape mechanism/avoidance, higher resistance, and higher damage output.
You would probably argue that we can land a good attack combination IF we can conduct a perfect timing. However, I'd hope to draw your attention to the capitalised IF in the sentence above.
It's ironic, in my opinion, that the name 'gladiator' means weakling of the arena in this game, when historical record would say otherwise. Thus, if developer fail in addressing this as an anomaly, I think they're not taking our class seriously.
2020-03-05 09:55
# 4

well... my main is paladin in hexe server , currently im rank 1 in my server arena , im not saying that im the best.. but i think im a decent and experienced valkryie user.... 

if u said that gladiator is weak.. , well in my opinion that's not true.. , i fought many gladiator players in arena... , and some of them are really good gladiator player... and some of their cp are below mine.. like 100 lower than me... , but they played so good that i didnt stood a change.... 

from where I see it . it seems they know how to use their skill effectively , and chain their combo's perfectly... 1 chain combo from good gladiator could leave my hp to 1/4... 

well it's my opinion as valkrye user.. , i know that valk is buffed a lot... but i also think that gladiator is still scary opponent for valk...

2020-03-05 13:01
# 5
Up on this. Grab skill still in bug. Charging thrust superarmor / bound effect sometimes not working. Poor damage skills compare to other class. Slowest animation skill of all
2020-04-09 22:28
# 6
Charging thrust and shield charge stun unreliable. Spinning slash attack knock back unreliable and follow up jump attack is hard to connect with. Blade strike damage is minimal and deep thrust animation is too long that it gets interrupted. Take downs cool down is too long. Stuns and knock downs take forever to recover from. The oppent gets lots of free damage. Atleast give us the shield button during that time. I'm gonna take a lot of damage shield up shield up man. Shield stance breaks easily except against warriors ranged attacks. Gladiators rely heavenly on take down so their 2 big hits can connect.
2020-06-02 15:00
# 7
Plus why can't we be the aggressor in arena. Why do we have to wait for people to blow all ther attack before we can go after them.
2020-06-07 02:02
# 8
Yup now we can't even catch up to Dks with their longer escape. Even when I'm charging thrust right behind them by keeping the button pressed to fire off the continuation. So much cc out there yet ours is unreliable or damage is week. So much cc or evasion yet our shield stance moves us as slow as walking speed. We have to blow our evsaions to close the gaps against ranged fighters. Or else our shield will break before we get to them.
2020-06-09 17:03
# 9
If u are thinking about playing a galdiator just know that u are severely gimped. Other classes can stand in place and go thru their attack chain you can't. Also be prepared to chase other opponents around the arena. Your shield charge vs paladins shield charge gets owned. Be prepared to be interrupted because ur attacks animation is too slow. Google says the best class to play is a valkerie/paladin. Gladiator vs galdiator is boring AF. I guess shield stun only works against lower cp players as well as the knock back from spinning slash. If you a gladiator and are reading this drop a comment if u agree or think I'm wrong. The Devs need imput.
2020-06-09 20:18
# 10
PA doesn't care on gladiators, I have sent tickets giving tips on what could be improved on gladiator to make it better without a complete rebuild but they just ignored me. For example giving invulnerability when jumping the second spinning slash hit, you get knocked back in the air when you are supposedly giving a very powerful attack while other clases have invulnerability when they are standing with their hands to the sky casting a spell. Not being able to stun someone with our charge when they are running from us. It's logical that you fail taking down someone when you are reaching them from behind and not when you hit them from the side. 100% success on shield charge stun (it's logical how it fails to stun ppl that isn't doing anything). But they just don't care.
2020-10-01 13:40
# 11
Im very sad about the Gladiator like theyre already behind they cant catch up due of imbalance updates.
Slow cooldowns
Slow animations
unrealiable skills(grab,daze,knockdown)
And Very useless shield
When you recover perfectly then your shield breakdown easly and the opponents skill is not even a peircing skill and also the lack of super armor charging thrust but only the super armor is on the last hit then that last didnt even budge the enemies

The other class is already swollen up the game. This game is fun until its not perfectly balance such a waste. I just wasted my money. I hope you fix this sooner :)
2020-10-02 08:46
# 12

As a Gladiator who likes to PVP, this guy is obsolete AF. sometimes the cc doesn't even work WHEN THE TARGET IS STANDING STILL OR EVEN WHEN KNOCKED DOWN. Then, cooldown is too long and there's not enough super armor really which makes it obsolete. I fought Berserkers quite a lot already and this class is completely useless once the Berserker just spam all the skills because I can't seem to knock that class down except using the cc (which again won't work sometimes).

2020-10-22 10:08
# 13
All this stuff is still true to this day!!! 2 years later. PA forcing you to use the shield button. Block all their attacks the go after them. What a joke.
2022-04-15 12:21