The Tale of the Twin Sisters (Episode 4)
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The Tale of the Twin Sisters (Episode 4)

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Black Desert Mobile's First-ever Twin Class!


From the older twin, Maegu, to the younger twin Woosa that uses her butterfly strength through Do-arts, Black Desert Mobile’s first-ever twin classes have finally reunited in the same place!


Are you now on your adventures with the older twin Maegu and the younger twin Woosa in the world of Black Desert Mobile, Adventurers?

The Tale of the Twin Sisters (Episode 4)

Ep. 4 is the final story of the twins revealing the series of events over the 'Black Stone'

Woosa and Maegu now starts to travel to vast Margoria, and head to Balenos.


The story of the twin sisters that have never rested even in a day.

Listen to their tale through this audiobook!


How did you find [Maegu & Woosa Tale of Twins] from episode 1 until episode 4?

Our utmost thanks to all Adventurers who took an interest in this story!

Make sure to watch and listen if you missed the previous story of [Maegu & Woosa Tale of Twins]!


Thank you.

2023-01-20 00:30
Black Desert Mobile
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