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A ring from my phone brought me to see what's happening. Right after that, I shout, finally, Black Desert Mobile is available in Playstore. Press the download button and open it in no time. I can't wait much longer. Knowing less about server, I followed the recommendation. Typed my family name for in-game identity. And that day, NLuminescenc from Calpheon was born.


I chose Ranger as my character. Simple, i like archery although myself never got into it. Beside, Dark Knight wasn't released yet. I complete main quest and develop my CP step by step. Whenever World Boss spawn there I go. Need silver and resource for enhancing, Boss Rush is the answer. Tired of slaughtering thousand of monsters, fishing in Velia is my vacation. Not so long after that, new class is coming. I hope it was Dark Knight. But it wasn't. It was Sorceress along with Ascension update.  But next month, my prayer answered. Dark Knight was released. I changed class from Ranger to Dark Knight. Tried to catch up my previous CP on Ranger. And finally I surpassed my previous CP. Can't happy more.


Many updates and events to boost every player CP. Such as Terrmian event. So many mini-games and FISHING !!! Killing pirates rewards a tons of silver and also an outfit. Dark Knight looks so beautiful in that outfit. Thanks to Terrmian I can craft JIN Grunil Helmet, leaving 5 more JIN to craft and stock up my silver. Then awakened enhancement was arrived. The painful ehancement system. I enhanced my weapon first to PRI. It was successful at first try. I was the first guy in my guild who had awakened enhancement. I encouraged them to catch up. Many was failed, but many was succeded. But it was not a problem.


Wait, what's this ? seven seven seven. There's seven everywhere !!! Then 7th July was come. IT'S AWAKENING. Many player was waiting for this. No more #AwakeningWhen. Hehe. I changed Dark Knight Ascension to Awakening, Phantasma. So satisfying looking at her skill effect.


Weekend is always the most awaited moment, there's Hot Time and Guild Rush. Some times we declare war on other guild. Some times we tried to seize Node. No matter win or lose as long as we are together it doesn't a problem. I once had 34 streak kills on a guild war. Sadly I got killed after that, cant take a screenshot for my achievement. 


Remember my JIN ? Right after I completed my JIN set, Abyssal gear crafting is available. OMG, i just finished my crafting. Well, this game is always keeping me busy. Crafted Red Nose for my first Abyssal gear in 2 months. There's a myth if I told you. #GlobalWhen is cursed. Cursed in RNG. While new player can get 2 Abyssal gear from Shakatu, #GlobalWhen only get green. I felt that. But, I don't care. Someday, Shakatu will give RED. And yay, there's rate up event. That's where I got my first Abyssal Gear. It was Nouver Magic Blade. Thanks PA :)

From there the only goal is only getting stronger and skilled. I tried to rank arena. So many losses. But in the end, I managed to achieve Challenger, the highest rank. I also come into ramoness more often. Destroy orb, enemies, and lagos in teamwork. I remember my party fought Seirin, the highest CP in Calpheon and we won against him. It was so hard, but Seirin's team is stalling at the end and we steal their point.


Day after day, grind by grind, fish by fish, war after war, enemy after enemy. I grow stronger. There's a lot more to do. Even 1 year feels like yesterday. #GlobalWhen journey is still long. Black Desert never ends. #1YearTogether and still go on :)

Here's my glimpse of journey in video : https://youtu.be/lMgRQczeigQ

1 Year Memories in Black Desert Mobile

Family : NLuminescenc Region : Asia Server : Calpheon

2020-12-31 08:00
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