Change ur mind, change ur live. Thank you!
# 1
Region : Asia
Family Name : Aitcca
Server : Serendia

My first MMORPG! At first I just thought that this is just a game that has good graphics.  I was so bored playing it, until that someone asked me to enter the guild.  It was really fun!  of Course I am a royal person!

Until almost all of my guildmate backstabbing and bullying me without any reason. 😊 They trashtalking me said something like I am a bit*ch, whore and something. And Believe me its really hurt. I am crying tho. But, from that point that I understand we cannot believe everyone that looks like kind person.

People learn, so am I. I find the new guild, i dont know they consider me as friend or not. But yes I am.

We are crawling making our guild to top guild, mergering, protecting and listening to each other problem.

They give me so many advice tho, even when some people trashtalking me, saying I am whore or something. They still give me advice and keep holding on me.

I met so many people in this game. A kind person and a devil person. And I understand that some problem cannot be solved with talking and act like a family, sometimes we must draw out our sword. Lol. (in reality we must take an action)

I am making a small youtube so I can sharing with everyone, even though I'm not a great person at least I benefit others.

My Youtube Channel :

Thanks Pearl Abyss to make a such good game! This game is so great that people can fight 50 vs 50 vs 50. And so many wonderful things other than this 🥰

Ow and yeah! Joel and Tim is so cute muah muah. Big love from Indonesia Man!
2020-12-31 04:03
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# 2
First i just wanna to said, Lucuu photonya ❤️
Second said, ya aku setuju pendapatmu tentang orang2 yg unik, dan terkadang memang seperti itu, yg kita anggap baik padahal ada niat tertentu, atau sebaliknya dia benar2 ikhlas dan mau membimbing, ya kembali lagi terkadang kita suka tertipu oleh sampulnya dan tidak tau pasti hatinya 🙃

Semangat terus kaka, semoga cepat besar akun youtubenya btw nanti aku bantu subs ya
Regards " Imo Wyne "
2021-02-13 10:23
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