Change ur mind, change ur live. Thank you!
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Region : Asia
Family Name : Aitcca
Server : Serendia

My first MMORPG! At first I just thought that this is just a game that has good graphics.  I was so bored playing it, until that someone asked me to enter the guild.  It was really fun!  of Course I am a royal person!

Until almost all of my guildmate backstabbing and bullying me without any reason. 😊 They trashtalking me said something like I am a bit*ch, whore and something. And Believe me its really hurt. I am crying tho. But, from that point that I understand we cannot believe everyone that looks like kind person.

People learn, so am I. I find the new guild, i dont know they consider me as friend or not. But yes I am.

We are crawling making our guild to top guild, mergering, protecting and listening to each other problem.

They give me so many advice tho, even when some people trashtalking me, saying I am whore or something. They still give me advice and keep holding on me.

I met so many people in this game. A kind person and a devil person. And I understand that some problem cannot be solved with talking and act like a family, sometimes we must draw out our sword. Lol. (in reality we must take an action)

I am making a small youtube so I can sharing with everyone, even though I'm not a great person at least I benefit others.

My Youtube Channel :

Thanks Pearl Abyss to make a such good game! This game is so great that people can fight 50 vs 50 vs 50. And so many wonderful things other than this 🥰

Ow and yeah! Joel and Tim is so cute muah muah. Big love from Indonesia Man! And thanks I find a great man who always love me, in this game too!
2020-12-31 04:03
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