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It was Sunday during Black Sun, AETHERNAL guild (AETH) was peacefully grinding. Luckily, they have gathered huge amount of points, one of which was Taguro also a member in AETH. Everytime in BS, this Taguro is always boastful of his points. Keeps on bragging about how many points he gets.

Meanwhile after several minutes of peace and harmony, powerful adventurers came to kill and steal AETH's points. Almost all members was busy fighting to the point that they have not accumulated such but Taguro was so busy farming and didn't give a damn about the guild call and was selfish.

Now here comes Eugene (with a crazy mind), also a member of AETH, lured two of the powerful adventurers to Taguro's farming spot and both Taguro and Eugene died. Taguro was so upset and angry of what happen and cursed Eugene and said "Aketch/ I dont need people like you!!!". Eugene having a matured mind, ignored the issue.

Days after what happened, Taguro was so silent and was snob and decided to leave AETH.

Lesson learned: Whether your guild's at the top or bottom, at the end of the day bonding and cooperation still prevails as secret for the guilds success.

Disclaimer: Taguro and Eugene are both fictional and used as respect for both real players.
2020-12-27 07:48
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