A small fish in a big ocean
# 1

The story of PORC

Everything start on 13 dec 2019, on the server Delphe, EU, a small Ranger prepared to join in his adventure, searching for Romanians, but he gets only Russians, didn't give up. He look outside see the snow made him keep on game. Trying to make first romanian guild from server Hurricane, unfortunally the guild will become disband. On February he gave up, and left, a lvl 45 ranger said goodbye to game

5 months past and he come back.


The journey start again

The time passed, the whales appears from every corner, play 3 weeks finally made 2 friends in game LordSt4rk and Chit from guild called Griffindors.

"I made it, i'm not alone"- I told to myself 


I play hard more and more, i wanted my friends be proud of me. But Time was hard for them and in the end they quit the game

"I'm alone again, screw this..."

Alone again


I tried to get in a romanian guild but the they didn't accept me. I tried so much but no results, so i was above to quit again...


BUT.... a new guild appear: PrideReborn


I keep played, work more hard than ever, keep doing my best.


So this is my journey, no too much detalis, but a lot of friends now


EVEN your are a fish between whales you will find more like you and get in top (F2P)



I will keep my first friends on camp:

Off friends


And this is me now:


And my bloodkin friends:


And my anime moments:




PrideReborN moments:




Maybe you will ask why a guild means to much for me or for this game, i will tell you you what means for me

For me a guild is like a family reunion with your memebers all over the world. 

Look at my family:



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# 2

Family name: PORC

Server: Delphe

Region: Europe

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