Black Desert Mobile - Love (When she left, you saved me)
# 1
What you are about to learn from my story is that everything can vanish in a blink of an eye while some appear the moment you open your eyes.

I am Roy, if you call me by my IGN that's way cooler. Anyways, I am taken. Not the usual word you have in mind but rather taken for granted by the girl I love. I met her when she met me. I courted, we dated and sadly separated. She left me at my worst and it was devastating because she had me at my best. I was deeply hurt until another girl captures my heart, She is Yanshine, my BDM character, she is everything to me right now. I care for her and love her. We met accidentally at a store. I almost forgot the name but i guess it was "playstore". She is great and I am very sure, we will last long until the day I get her to the top.

-Yanshine- (Calpheon)
2020-02-09 07:34
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