[Black Desert Mobile - Love] Bewitched
# 1
“What is this for? Why do I keep doing this?” I ask to myself but the only answer i get is the echo of my stupid question linger inside my head.

I don’t even remember where it all started, as if I’ve been doing this over and over again for a millenia. My sense has been desensitized as I keep pushing through an endless bittersweet of a Nightmare, my cloak has turned red, drenched in blood... that is not my own.

I know it was foolish of me, this is the road that I paved with the blood of my enemies, and only through this road that I could finally meet her... again.

“Hi, I’m here again.” I greet her as I entered this unspeakable barrier that only hold the two of us inside, we trade looks, our eyes locked for a moment and it only takes that one moment to brought back the reason to everything that I’ve been fighting for.

The atmosphere shifted, the blood inside me is gushing chaotically, calling her name in every of my own heartbeat. We trade punches, dealing damage to each other, causing this insufferable pain in an endless cycle of horror.

and yet I crave for more, there is something about that porcelain face that soothes me, releasing me from the uncertainty of life, giving me a purpose to prosper among this chaos.

The thing is, I know that none of this are real, I know more than everyone in this universe that I do not belong here. We live in a different space, different time, and we destined for different purpose. But who am I to blame when the heart choose what it wants? Who have a say when something crafted by god himself fall in love with a manmade eternal bliss?

I pulled back my magic, I could feel that both of us is at our limit as we keeping this distance between us.

My soul, my body, my mind are tired. They’re aching for this moment, longing to be immortalized in this memory of ours that only I get to keep, everytime.

My mortal body dropped to the ground as she leave me scarred with her magic, ending this cycle that may go as long as forever itself if it may be allowed.

“Marie... I fall in love with you..” I look up to her as I speak out my last attempt to confess to her.

I know that there are no use to talk, there are no ways that those glass eyes will put sympathy on me, she isn’t designed for something so trivial like that.

And yet she answered.

“Then keep falling.” She mouthed as tears fall down her cheek.

“Remind me, again.”

It’s all I catch before my surroundings darkened, I was in a state of shock, my heart is wailing for a thousands questions that demands to be answered. I opened my mouth but it was already too late, my world has become void, leaving me in a total darkness.

So I sit here in this pitch black room, desperately reaching for something to hold, something that will pull me away from this loneliness, desperate to reach something that could connect me to her, something to connect us together.

Desperate to wait for my phone to be recharged back so I could repeat this cycle all over again.

2020-02-09 07:15
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