Black Dessert Love - Together Always ❤️
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Im happy to share our simple love story
in Black Dessert.We are just a happy couple also we are married, it so nice to have a game like this first of all i dont have any idea or how to play this game he is the one who pursue me to play this game because he is the one who play this thru online and now until released it to mobile.I do what he want i play it and now we play together he teach me and yeah its a good game i enjoy it very well and its become our bonding time and also we build our own guild together.Its so kinda enjoying everytime someone wants to kill me i just only call him and he come so fast then kill the one who kill me or we kill it together haha so happy to have my knight and shining armor other than that we farm together he stay beside me keeping eyes on me that no one pk on me he is so sweet ❤️ that why im so inlove with him 🥰 we also arena together testing how strong we are , its so fun playing with my husband 😊 that why i enjoy this game a lot because he always there to help me❤️ We love this game so much by making happy moments helping together,cheering up together, making stronger together, dissapointing together also to shakatu lol nvm haha. now im a ranger and he is my loving warrior playing together happy living together also so inlove together and thats all thankyou ❤️😊

Charater name: Rohroh
Family name: Rohroh08
2020-02-09 07:11
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