[Black Desert Mobile - Love] Bloodkin
# 1

Bloodkins aren’t easy to find in the game anymore. Most of the players have already found others to form a bond with. I had searched for one for some time but have since given up. That was until one day I received a whisper from someone in my guild. I don’t think I had ever seen this person speak before. As I hastily clicked the little green text box, their message appeared “do you still need a bloodkin?” I was overjoyed at the prospect of finally finding someone to bond with. Thus set off my story.

For a few weeks, my bloodkin and I corresponded through whispers in-game. I learned their gender was female, she worked a fulltime job to support putting herself through college. Black Desert Mobile was the only hobby she had in the limited free time she possessed.

Soon, we began talking through other forms of social media. The more I talked with her, the more I began to develop feelings for her. You may think I’m silly or desperate for falling in love with someone I’ve never met before but I don’t care.

As the game's storyline came to an end and I got to a point where I needed to spend hours grinding for better gear, she became my main reason for logging in. Eventually, after one night of having a little too much to drink with some friends, I told her how I felt. I’ll never forget the way my heart pounded when she replied: “I feel the same”.

Now, as I write this, I’m on a plane to go see her. Clasped in my hands is a drawing I did of our online characters embracing during a sunset on the shores of Velia, her favorite city.

I have no idea what she looks like but what someone looks like doesn’t matter to me. Even if she looks nothing like the mental image I’ve made for her in my mind, it was her heart and soul that made me fall for her in the first place.

I have to put my phone away. It’s time for the plane to descend. Wish me luck.

I’m coming for you, my love.

2020-02-09 04:27
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