Awokened Enchanting OMG
# 1
So I wanted to V my weapons (PEN) and what happened was I got the main-hand on first try but off-hand holy s**t 6000 restoration scroll later am on II no volsk crolls left of any kind, no restoration scroll also, and my weapons Fu**ed so all in all your doing a fine job at making out play time and effort feel worthless. I want to quit so bad right now, way to much negative stuff in game, we get nothing compared to KR versions of game, wtf

Edit: Had 52 prestines, left with 15 so 37 tries X 200 restoration scrolls = 7400 restoration scrolls used. How the F is this fun, wth this is stupid.
Games are supposed to be fun and relaxing
2020-11-26 22:27
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# 2
BDM is like a casino with the odds stacked against you. If you remember that and adjust your expectations accordingly, you might enjoy it. However, if you're not a gambler and don't like casinos then it would probably be best to find a different game to save your sanity and money. Just my 2 cents.
2020-12-11 15:43
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