BDMWC - Ramoness: Europe Region - Round of 64 Results (Day 1)
# 1

Greetings, Adventurers!


We have completed today's matches for Black Desert Mobile World Championship - Ramoness!


Congratulations to all of our participants who have advanced to the next round!




wo0t yatogoat Dreamwish 2 0 iDuffy TheWorld JustFoki
Ranger Valkyrie Witch Giant Valkyrie Ranger
Nayrda ZakWD Seraldo 2 0 charusha Delet yatvoyded
Witch Witch Sorceress Witch Sorceress Warrior
Rait Tamako Pomidorka 2 1 SiRi99 Fünkchen 亜TheRed亜
Warrior Ranger Ranger Witch Valkyrie Valkyrie
Abramova Dukefox huhuligan 2 0 Panda4ka Kovy Lascivious
Ranger Sorceress Witch Witch Ranger Valkyrie
Skanki Kust KyDaCau 2 0 Хрумочka IceHearth Местюня
Giant Ranger Valkyrie Witch Giant Witch
PUISEFIRE MLBB ZEKK3N 2 1 Wanski Djoxs Anastasie
Sorceress Valkyrie Witch Witch Ranger Witch
TheMike Drakonus BETO 0 2 kenzaki Alumizar Hamouro
Giant Sorceress Sorceress Sorceress Ranger Valkyrie
TecK Infected iTzViPeR 2 0 Expromt AmberMoon MagicPapa
Witch Ranger Sorceress Witch Witch Sorceress
Hedgehog BTJdd сaramel WIN DQ Шторм Beleshi Ecso
Euginej Floriana ВАРЕНИК WIN DQ Vladislav Roark Dzirt
Dex7xed Mavvvka DK55 WIN DQ Rosaenon Gyoku Nancy9
KanaoTsuyuri HolyQueen Fong WIN DQ Ichi Symbolic AIissa

As more matches commence, we will continue to provide daily updates here on our Forum


Thank you for your interest in Black Desert Mobile World Championship - Ramoness.

We wish all of our remaining participants the best of luck!


Thank you.

2020-02-14 06:56
Black Desert Mobile
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