Majestic level 6 LFM 3.6k CP pvp oriented players. Apply today DELPHE SERVER EU
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Majestic is looking for PvP players for small skirmishes, node wars, GvGs and a lot of fun!


                                MERGING GUILDS ARE WELCOME 

                                           5AP 4DEF 50HP BUFFS


We are a friendly but mature guild who is seeking for likeminded people

Either reserve your spot by whispering Biggaranx in-game or apply and hit me up with a whisper tell me what u in for : 

Requirements pvp focused and 3.6k cp daily activity and thirsty for wars :P

Can make CP exceptions if you really into the PvP side of game.

Shout me either in game or discord anytime Biggaranxx#5032


Many thanks,



2020-02-12 11:28
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2020-02-21 16:48