Revolt Armada Recruiting (EU server)
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F2P players were encouraged to join!
Revolt Armada Guild (EU: Balenos) were recruiting for members who possess the following
- Actively Playing the game
- Self Motivated, gives goals to his/her character and inspires his/her fellow guildsmate/adventurers
- level 60 or above
- CP 15K or above
- A good human being with his fellow Guildmates and other Adventurers, F2P or whales alike.
- Curious and interested about the Black Desert Lore.
- Playing BDO is a plus!
- Being a Content Creator is a plus!
- Good at keeping confidential Guild matters and strategies.
- Good Merit and active participation will be compounded into promotion of a guild Officer or Founder.
- Road map for the guild were already prepared, just need a confidante for us to start the plan

- Bad Attitude, making alot of drama and spreading negativity will be ousted and exalted within the guild, might lead to a permanent ban depends on severity of the case.

The guild were currently focused on Amassing resources and preparing its Army, We will be switching into competitive mode given that all the members will be ready and prepared. For now, We chill....hehe
we have twitter page and discord channel dedicated through the game.
If interested, Kindly fill up the application form for formality and send it to me for the server invites.
**"Fortis Fortuna Adiuvat"**
**twitter page:**
**Apply to Our Guild Website:**

2023-03-07 09:40