RGM PusytiveVibe New Guild
# 1
guild: PusytiveVibe
server: calpheon
focus: balance
ign: bjorn
family name: iamjamesG

hi im looking for active officers & members

that willing to help our guild to grow up together with thier friends & family. more slot is available

PusytiveVibe is open recruitment. join with us now :)

only rules is be active to all events in guild & do guild quest every day :) we are waiting for you :)

please thank you :)
2021-03-06 07:49
# 2
Guild Name: ManBearPigs
Server: Mediah
Master: Holguin2010
We are looking for more active members and officers to help grow our guild we accept all CP as long as you help our guild grow. Come check us out we have no guild requirements other than doing the 3 daily guild quests
2021-03-07 19:15