[Guild Recruitment] Attila Lvl 6! (Kaia) Laid back Afkers!
# 1

Hello everyone!


Attila is a guild I made with my buddy day 1, and after a little hoping around in top 15 guilds im back home. I realized the nonstop guild schedule bdm life isnt for me but I still want to grind at my own pace and reap my rewards! If that sounds like you then Attila is your guild! We do (non mandatory) guild bosses every saturday an hour before world bosses, no wars, no seiges, just BDM! Come hang out if you need a laid back clan! No Requirements!

2020-08-22 06:05
# 2

Just a friendly bump!


We are still activley looking for members to join us!

We just reached top 100 ranking as well!

2020-09-10 04:45