Do you guys even read these reports?
# 1
I have mentioned this on several different occasions the relic alter drop rate stat does not get applied to our characters... 2 the arena chests from purple and up so purple yellow and orange chests more often than not will show no animation displaying rewards Recieved and I know with 100% certainty that nothing is added to the inventory as this has happened to me several times now pretty much every time now for the last month and I empty out my inventory before opening a chest above purple and nothing is Recieved.... 3 guild wars are a colosal waste of time for farming which you need to do pretty much 24/7 to get anything in this game and it offers zero incentive to participate but war can be declared on anyone and they don't even get the option to accept or decline another guilds challenge why can't you just make it worth bothering to do by offering any reward and just make it so that guilds can only declare war on the same guild for 7 or 14 days so not to allow win trading.... 4your prices and adjustments are effing crazy you want us to pay 10,000 pearls at a dollar cost of around $350 real money for a single orange grade accessory that only ads maybe 30 cp for 350 bucks, GET REAL.. You changed scrolls were 100 pearls for 100 restore scrolls and accessories only cost 1 restore scroll per failure from +1-+10 and now you want 950 pearls for 200 scrolls a 400% increase to purchase and now you want us to pay over 100 scrolls 134 I believe to fail a +6 yellow do you even live in reality ppl can't afford to keep playing your game I have spent over 400 dollars on your game now and have yet to receive a single orange item and I mean not 1 lightstone, relic, crystal, armor, weapon, not a single orange item and I would love to know what the field drop rates are cause it certainly feels to many of us that they are criminally low if you want to make your game successful try making it affordable to play for everyone rather than bilking just the whales for whatever you can get away with

2020-02-18 05:44