[AI][Design] Quest: Out of Harm's Way
# 1

Hello BDM community. I have to report an annoying bug happening to Narava Rakum during the North Mediah Chapter 9 quest "Out of Harm's Way" where you have to destroy the watchtowers while protecting that friendly NPC.


The problem is the NPC does not stand behind but goes in front of the player all the time and is never out of AOE range so he dies without giving me the chance to actually protrect him.


1st run he died from enemy npc swarming to my side but attacking him because he was in front of me

2nd run and 3rd run he died from the last boss enemy npc which has an AOE attack and killed Narava Rakum from around half of his HP each time. 


The mission is not hard for my 4k+ CP but the AI is stupid and out of my control.


Please fix this AI problem so the npc follows at a higher range from the player so he does not get hit by AOE.

2020-03-23 07:53
# 2

Same damned problem for me :/

2020-04-27 13:18