NEW UI option control of combat skills
# 1
Global server needs to put the new option for combat skills just like what you guys already have in korean server. The current controls now is pretty much inefficient. One mistake of pressing or accidentally pressed the wrong button due to the arrangement and proximity of keys leads to a bad outcome on pvp. And to top it off, the current controls is only good if youre playing MOBA type games which you have to constantly press normal attack button. Now some of the players wont argue and dont even care about it since they are using emulators and setting a key for a specific skill is easy and exact. But hey! Its BDM... its supposed to be played on mobile and should be playable on mobile with ease. Im too concern about it since im playing Sorceress at the moment and playing her on mobile isnt that much easy compared on using emulators. It goes to all classes since we are now on its way to succesion and awakening. This time skills will be faster and rotations of skills will also be quick on cooldown. I hope ou guys will consider it adding it as soon as possible. Thank you! ;)
2020-02-24 01:20