Profanity/Language Filter
# 1

Please add an option to enable this or something. I can't type many words that are themselves appropriate because of letter combinations within them. Such as something: because of 'meth'. It is quite silly to be honest. 


Please look into this option or possibly relaxing said words that are being filtered.


Thank you! :)

2019-12-30 20:43
# 2
+1 for this. The in-game chat filter is one of my main sources of frustration because i have to re-type sentences with purposely misspelt words just to bypass a broken chat filter
2019-12-30 23:21
# 3
I've noticed a lot of words are like this such as "making" because for whatever reason "Maki" is inappropriate and that's literally Japanese sushi
2019-12-31 09:12