PvP environment for new players is awful (suggestion for changes)
# 1
Hi, new player here
I have been enjoying the game so far, my pve experience has been exceptional this games action combat and classes makes you feel like a total badass 5/5 on that regard. Now to the bad side, I like pvp but sadly this game has a very unbalanced pvp systems, everything you get good rewards from like ranked arena for example and blacksun event aswell as battlefield of the sun (can't speak about ramones because
everytime I queue I get destroyed) . All these events are needed for character growth but sadly for new players it only deters us from playing the game, there needs to be some kind of rank protection for blacksun if a low cp player is farming for 40 min to get 30k points then they get killed by high cp players and lose all That is descouraging, if I need to win in Arena ranked 3 times for a weekly quest to only be destroyed non stop by high cp and can't finish 7/7 weekly because there is no way in hell to win in ramones either, you see my point, pvp is unbalanced cluster mess for newbies, its not inviting and it's not fun either. What we need is some kind of safe guard either not being able to lose points untill a certain amount of points is reached or you shouldn't be able to kill untill your target reaches a certain amount of cp. Second problem is weeklies need to be changed to either add equalized arena instead of ranked arena or more pve content to be done to Complete 7/7. It wouldn't bother me much if this game had a faster growth system but if it takes 8 months to get to 30k+ then there should be a way to protect new players, otherwise more and more will quit, which is sad because this game is alot of fun.
2023-01-20 13:02