Guild Boss Rush Suggestions - after the November 23, 2021 Game Update
# 1

Please review the new Guild Boss Rush Summoning Stones needed for the regular guild boss rushes.


This is how the regular guild boss rushes are set up now (after the update)


Level 1 costs  1 Summoning Stone -       Maximum party of 10
Level 2 costs  5 Summoning Stones -    Maximum party of 10
Level 3 costs 50* Summoning Stones - Maximum party of 10
Level 4 costs 50* Summoning Stones - Maximum party of 30
Level 5 costs 50* Summoning Stones - Maximum party of 50.


* Note that Level 3, 4 & 5 all cost 50 Summoning Stones


1) Please do Not have a maximum party size for the regular or the Elite guild boss rushes. Why is there a maximum party? Just let the guild dece how they want to use their summoning stones.

2) The change greatly helps the guilds that only have 10 in the party. If they have 11 participants, they will have to get 50 Summoning Stones to enter 1 guild boss rush.

3) Please adjust the number of Summoning stones needed for each level. Each level should cost a different amount.


Example of possible new structure. With no maximum party participants.


     Level 1 - 1 Summoning Stone.
     Level 2 - 10 Summoning Stones
     Level 3 - 20 Summoning Stones
     Level 4 - 30 Summoning Stones
     Level 5 - 40 Summoning Stones.


     Give Elite points based on Boss level and number of participants in fight.


     Since a 50 member guild can only get 70 Summoning Stones (Maximum) per week, having Tier 5 cost 40 summoning Stones will let them run 2 regular every other week, with a Elite when they have earned the points.


Thank you.

2021-11-26 05:03