Awakened Enhancement
# 1
I’m completely done playing this game! Y’all creators make this thing impossible to level up without spending real money on necessities! Like come on bro all I achieve on my character was from scratch no money spend what’s so ever! Y’all need to relax on this awakened enhancement. Like bro let me at least get to 4 without having to lose all my nerves and praying will it work or not. Like after the 5th enhancement then put the percentages up this is insane! I shouldn’t spend 10 Valks of 50% to fail to enhance to 2 like come on. I’m done with this game until this is more stable, so stupid, I’m not even gonna mention the restoration scrolls. Y’all creators can make so much better than this. Absurd to say the least, so disappointed at this game everything became about spending really money to level up! It was nice playing! Deuces 👌🏽 Phantasma out!
2021-09-27 01:36