We need the ability to disable the graphics auto adjustment!
# 1

The graphics auto adjustment is not only just a nuiscence, it can actually damage devices that are often used for long term farming.

A lot of new devices that come out now, especially the higher end ones, use a panel called "OLED"
Now, while this panel looks gorgeous, it is suseptible to some certain drawbacks. One being "burn in."
Burn in happens when a device has a specific thing on the screen for an extended period of time, and in turn causes that icon to be permanently displayed on the device. It's effectively "burnt into" the LEDs on the panel.
I noticed that the sleep mode that the game has built in, is actually made quite well, and reduces, if not completely negates, the possibilty of the burn in.
However when the game tries to auto adjust while sleeping (for whatever reason, it shouldn't on my Galaxy Tab S7+ EVER, let alone in sleep,) it ends up taking the game out of sleep, and leaves the standard game up with the notification "graphics have been adjusted."
It then does NOT put itself back into sleep. The message, the icons, and everything in the game stays up on the screen static as ever.
This very much increases the chance of burn in on the screen, where the static images stand along with the notifications. Which damages devices far more than "overheating" ever could, considering devices limit and throttle themselves by default.

This leads me to my second point: There is no reason auto-adjust should ever exist to begin with. Even while gameplay is almost always at the higher framerate, the game can drop down your settings even while the FPS drops for a second, thinking the device is "struggling" when in reality it's the games engine that was limiting it's own fps, or the device on dropped for a split second due to changes in the background, or an overabundance of effects on the screen for a single moment. 
A single second of fps drops should not entice the device to drop it's settings. It's takes the player out of the gameplay, disrupts them, and can only hurt their experience more than a few frames dropped. It hurts far more than it helps. There will always be fluctuations of FPS in any game, PC, Tablet, or even Super Computer. The game should always rely on the PLAYER to know what settings they want, the game itself should never force it's own settings. The player knows what kind of hardware it has, the game doesn't know, clearly.

Basically, a TLDR; the graphics auto adjustment will never be good, in any situation. Devices auto-throttle themselves to protect themselves, so there is no need for the game to. It causes more problems than it needs to, and should given at least the option to be disabled.

2021-04-23 19:49