Is this Paladin Desert Mobile?
# 1

Why do you guys make paladin TOO POWERFUL?

It seems SUPER Unbalanced!! 

Especially, the far range skill!!

2020-02-26 12:41
# 2

agree  at arena as a huntress i can win against palladin only if a guy is some autistic , one handed gimp   ..and still i have to sweat a lot to achive it :D

summing it up  ...aginst palladin  i win 1 fight of 10 

pretty much same goes with gladiators

  PVE is irrelevant ofcourse plays itself anyway all i got to do is teleport to town and sell shit to vendor every hour or two

2020-02-29 04:44
# 3

Yeah, what is up with paladins and huntresses? They are so powerful in PvP especially 1v1. I'm a warrior, probably better at mobility than a giant, and still, I can not catch up to either of the classes. 9 out of 10 matches I would lose to either of the class, and that's if only I sweated my bum off. More and more people are making paladin nowadays so they can win in PvP, basically. For example, "Anvida" used to be a mage on an American server, now s/he is a paladin. And I'm not saying this might be because s/he wants to try out new class, but in this case more likely s/he meant to play paladin so s/he can win. So please can you guys fix the issues? Thank you!

2020-03-18 21:44
# 4
Newbies always cry on pvp, paladins don’t have iFrame, paladins only has super armor and foward guard, paladins don’t have good hp and theyr damage are low then other classes. Her shield is weak and when her guard broken she get stun. Any grab can beat any skill of her and huntress, sorc and warrior defensive stance using counter attacks can beat any paladin easy.
2020-04-09 18:12
# 5
Cascada your prolly a pali that sucks... Paladin are the most op class in the game. Warrior kick breaks One SA skill huntress has in arena palimdoesnt get knock down or stunned like ever they have 2 shield charges and the rolled blades sorc has the constant super armor skills yet people cry over huntress... if nothing huntress needs a buff since every class got a buff. PA in all their briliance doesnt distinguish regions so when they update kr classes they update them here as well which a load of BS.
2020-04-10 23:15
# 6

I need a costume pls i dont have eny costumes for my sorceress 


2020-04-11 23:02
# 7
Ur really gonna cry because one class is now more annoying than huntress. Keep the tears rolling in they're delicious!
2020-04-23 22:09
# 8
Gladiators are trash right now.
2020-06-15 15:51
# 9
also Google says the best class to play is paladin.
2020-06-15 15:54