This Class is broken, i suggest you for not playing this class.
# 1

I want to tell you the truth, Sorceress class is broken since they release her. She needs the life-steal skill back! My sorceress now 3765CP, when i try to grind in Omar Lava which is the recommendation CP 3350, my sorceress still can't survive there without 300 potions for grinding to fulfill my bag. 300 potions to fulfill 150% my bags ! this class is broken, Giant and Warrior better than this class, when they have high deff. This class has low deff and no survival skills. Different from Ranger and Witch when they have their heal skill with low deff.
For everyone wants to try to play, I suggest you not choose this class. This class is broken, her skill nerfed, different with KR version. You will regret it later like me. I wish for the next patch, there are balancing patch for all classes.

My Personal rating for Sorceress class :
PVE Rate: 3/10
PVP Rate: 5/10
Tier: F, Lower than the warrior class. Warrior has sustainable skill and solid buff and decent deff.

Recommendation CP for Omar lava spot.

My Dear Broken Sorceress struggle with ferrid which is the gap CP 400 below.  When I want to sleep mode or BS mode I keep my bag empty, I took the screenshot in half my grinding progress after she consumes half potions that I prepare before (300pcs).


Global skill version without life-steal and they change it to AP - by percentage . TRASH SKILL !


KR Version, Soul Siphon with life-steal effect.




For everyone that has the same opinion as me. Please, we can suggest to Pearl Abyss, and creating a ticket to them and Choose Suggestions. Create the ticket and ask for re-balancing the skill for Sorceress, I write the links below how to create the ticket suggestions. and Thank you.

2020-02-09 20:02
# 2
Yeah, i think so.. a have this class on CP 2950 . She cannot survive on Mediah map actualy.
2020-02-20 16:24