The passive skills of the Eclipse class
# 1

Hello everyone,
Can somebody help me to explain "how does the evasion effect work when the passive skill is active ?"
Regarding the update note patch (4-Jun-2022) about the Eclipse rework, the passive skill "star heart" is updated:


▷ Star Heart
- Removed "10% chance to evade enemy’s attack when hit".
- Added the effect of "Evasion applied when preparing next skill" to [Star's Breath]. (Not applied when entering Arena).


However, after trying to test this skill in the Ramones area many times, I have still not understood the meaning of  "effect Evasion applied when preparing next skill" to [Star's Bearth].
Some questions that I have:
+ is the Evasion effect active right after using the skill at the time the Start's Bearth is 100%?
+ what is the benefit of this effect? Example: not get any damage from the other adventurers while this effect is active.


If you have any idea please share your point. So, we can discuss it together and find out how does it work.

Thank you so much in advance

2022-01-14 00:06