Again P.A?? Archer/Flectcher Mobile??
# 1
Archer/Fletcher = Range,Mobility,Invincibility,DPS???

How is it that you (Pearl Abyss) are claiming to be dealing with class balance issues then release this Archer/Fletcher OP crap??? This is utterly a slap to the face due to the fact that this is exactly what we are coming from with Huntress. Its like y'all didnt learn anything.

Imagine a Close Combat Class going up against Archer/Fletcher - the time it takes for the CCC to get to his/her opponent that has his range, mobilitiy, invincibility and DPS - they stand no chance!! And lets say they do catch there opponent, a simple dodge that again has linger (invincibility) and the Archer/Fletcher wins.. Its that easy!!!

Pearl Abyss, I am simply tired of y'all because these are simple fixes if y'all actually played the game.

Pearl Abyss we need fairness. We need balance. We need fun. PLEASE !!!!! Help Us, help You.

Thank you for your time.
2021-02-17 11:03
# 2
Topic has been deleted
# 3
Dont worry. He will be nerfed soon. We know every new class is op, so ppl switch to this classvto spent money. Be patience
2021-02-23 12:58