Change to Berserker or AM (For new players)
# 1
As I wrote in title if you want to win and be more powerful then other classes choose on of these two AM or Berserker.

I play as huntress but I fed up and tried AM and what a surprise no one can kill me that easily like huntress.

I tried Berserker too and u can deal fatal damage if u are noob and new to that class but with times goes u can kill and heal yourself.

So my point is if you are new player choose AM or Berserker to easy win over other classes.
2020-11-01 19:49
# 2
Absolutely correct tips given by you...topmost is berserker...its the only class with so much buff...other classes are nothing....i use sura....and sura have only limited knockup or stun skills and even those doesnt work on berserker lol...the game is natural unbalanced..the arena itself is i come across a player who kills me with two strike just two fkn strike....iam 10k cp plus..even someone with 13 k cp wont be able to finish me in two strike it naturally requires atleast a 15k or higher....thus its unbalaced....whole thing is unbalanced
2021-07-05 11:10