Dummies asking Devs for stuff
# 1
Have none of you ignoramoses even stopped to think who are you asking to release these new chars musa and ninja this is a community forum you think ppl from the game come here to read about what you would like to see in game no this is all player population and no o é reading any of this has the ability to do anything so stop making 1000 threads talking to game Devs asking for them to release stuff or comparing it to Korean version and wanting what they have here cause A) this game is going to be different than Korean version there are many differences like accessories costing silver in Korea but pearls here I agree it's unfair and an Insult to western and European gamers but that's how pearl abyss wants it and B) nobody who works on the game will read anything you put in here nor will they respond to any of your questions so try to keep the questions related to something a player might know
2020-07-24 07:35