Become the Strategy Master - Small Tips for new or returning Adventurers.
# 1

Family Name : Nuvêr
Server            : Asia



Hello, I'm here to share some small tips that everyone might already know with new and returning players to maximize their daily routine gameplay. Check this out!




When you fail to blossom, the fairies will turn back into baby and become depressed. During this depression, if you wish, you will only get Twinkle, with no additional Traits.




When the baby fairy is talked to during this depression, you will get traits and more Twinkles (i.e. 170).



Now, if you fail to blossom and the fairy becomes depressed, just talk to them six times to blossom them again and become an adult.


Daily Talk three times plus Whispering Dew from Cshop (190BP) gives you an additional three Talk, so the total is 1,020 (6x170 twinkle).


You can return baby to adults within one day. After the fairies grow up again, just run Wish so they can still get Traits, allowing you to collect Resonance Traits faster.



Hadum Knowledge


If you ever find yourself trying to find one last mob to finish off your hadum knowledge, or do you just start gathering in a new location?

You want to make sure you're not missing any of the mobs on the rotation, then check out this knowledge tracking feature in-game.


I'm at a gathering location here that I know has some Fericca, but I don't know exactly where they are. If you look up at the minimap, there are a bunch of little red dots here, but I'm not getting any indication of what the mobs are.


in this case I'm looking for Fericca in this rotation. If I select Fericca and click on the target option, you will now see on my minimap all the Fericca on this rotation highlighted in blue . You can do this with any mobs in the game, making finding specific things a breeze !


Hadum Lantern Spot (Treasure)


Hadum Lantern is part of the treasure called Ornette's Blessed Potion, which can recover 1000 HP and can be used infinitely.

To get it, you will need to kill 1 000 000 (1M) monsters in Hadum while having less than 20% HP.

You don't have to do it all at once or with the same character.

You won't see the progress of the achievement until it's completed!




Alejandro Farm, Moretti Farm, and Cron Castle used to be famous spots to grind for this treasure part due to their high mob density. This map was also often griefed by Shai adventurers, making it very annoying, right?

So, I have another map with a similar density which will help you get it.



Forage (Life skill)


Did you know you can forage here faster than in other spots by one second? I know it may seem insignificant, but if you forage over a long period of time, you can save a lot of time and can maximize your forage life skill very quickly.


Location :Kamasylvia , Lemoria Guard Post : A blue, shining flower.







Happy 3rd anniversary BDM!

It has been a pleasure being with all of adventurers over the past three years, thank you.

2022-12-19 13:36