Fletcher issue
# 1
Cant unlock fletcher skills

2021-02-19 15:26
# 2
I play Archer on console and waited a year for his release on mobile. The concept on both pc and console has been carried over to mobile. Between Archer and Fletcher, he is awakened but he has forgotten specific skills. In the Story icon there, there is quest that you will go through to Ascend him to be able to get those skills and soon you'll get the skill books for those other skills. On the mobile he is mostly gear score and level carried till you complete that quest. By checking skills you can already see a key difference between him and another class that has not awakened. Where you can already give the novice to master skill books to the family level. Hope this helps and have fun.
On pc and Console, its straight up skill combos and gear score carried.
2021-02-27 09:07