Hashashin strategy
# 1
Hello adventurers!
With the release of a new class, everyone is wondering how they can play effective, strategy in battles, passing other classes, and so on. I will share my thoughts on this and so let's get started!
1) Character leveling.
1.1. If you have a main character, then you already know how to pump a character quickly)
1.2. For new players.
You can quickly pump a character with the help of various boosts*, by constantly maintaining these effects, you will get a good experience boost that will allow you to quickly pump this hero. Complete quests, and kill monsters in the field, most buffs work for hunting in the field, farm mobs. Do not forget to take repeating quests to destroy monsters, also when hunting in the field there is a chance to get rare items)
2)Strategy in PvP, some tricks, wombo combos.
This class has good abilities for PvP content.
Catch up and destroy!
In order to catch up with the enemy, use skills. > Sandstorm Slash > Geo - Pulse > Solar Strike > Unforgiven > Dodge, advanced > Sandstorm Slash > Geo - Pulse > Solar Strike > Unforgiven > Dodge > Sand Saber > Breath of Aal > Eye of the Storm.
If the enemy is at a distance of tap skills.
> Breath of Aal > Sand Saber or > Dodge >Eye of the Storm.
Disguise of the attack.>Breath of Aal > Sandstorm Slash > combo
Various combos.
>Sandstorm Slash > Eye on the storm >Solar Strike > Unforgiven > Sand Saber > Geo-Pulse.
>Sandstorm Slah > Whirlwild Slice > Unforgiven >Whirlwild Slice>Eye on the storm > Dodge > Sand Saber> Eye on the storm > Unforgiven.
3) Outlaw Mode.
Since almost all skills have AoE, in Outlaw Mode, mobs will not cause you interference, do not forget to target the enemy !!! Use what you learned from point 2).
Use the skills of the black spirit to deal a lot of damage.
4) Other tips.
Practice combos and stunts in the battle arena, try your combos in the friendly arena.Dodge more often, use skills with blocking and super armor, do not forget about spirit skills and horse buf, and blood kin pakt.

The names of boosts for experience, can be found in the screenshots below.

Good game and great drop to everyone !!

Region - EU
Server - Balenos.
Family - Jlucen0k.
Guild - КиевскаяРусь.

2020-09-15 03:42