Hashashin Strategy
# 1
Hashashin the follower of BlackStar

Really this damage is incredible he is a great dd becoming one of the quicker classes to be able to engage freely
In pvp shines with the dash and great off-tank overtime damage from inv skill following up with a quick knockdown.
Getting it really is tricky but not as much as you can fake people with dodge and go in for the stacks on extra damage skills.
His kit becomes overall complete adding skills who bring ur opponents towards you.
Making this kind of ranged pull can be hard but is one of the best way to catch some1 without super armor off guard following up can be easy
For the start of pvp u should always use breath of aal as it does amazing unexpected cc following up with the tornados is a bad idea cause overlapping cc is a big waste
Pve wise you really should use long cast time skills due to his cds being really low
For pve/dps really best skills to deal damage are the ones you don't want to be using in pvp like whirlwind and breath of aal
2020-09-08 14:01