Hashashin Strategy
# 1

Hashashin is a fast skill casting character that has fluid casting skills and is a great character for PVE and for beginners.

Best choice for New Players: 

Hashashin is probably the BEST character to begin with if you are new to the game since you are already Ascended class at level 1 while other classes you will need to reach level 60

Few points why he is the best for new players:
=You will breeze through the Main StoryLine Quest easily compared to the other characters due to strong skills (You can always make another character after that you wish to Main). 

=You can also receive your other skills through a trial early in the game (other class level 60 skills) to give you more skills to clear your path to getting stronger. Also most of his skills main attribute is “Aal”, which is a very nice addition of bonus damage for your skills.


=His skill books will not take up most of your inventory slots like other classes, they are compressed to 2 types, White and Blue grade training skill books for all his skills, while other classes have 10 skills with White and Blue grade type, which can fill up your inventory.

=Most efficient monster killer, where your mob killing speed is very high with just 4 skills!
Those skills are Whirlwind Slice, Eye of Storm, Geo-Pulse, Unforgiven

Player Versus Player (PVP):
Hashashin is a decent character in PVP, but because he is a melee character, you will have a difficult time and requires a learning curve in Mass PVP, but in a one on one situation or even two on one, Hashashin can do well!

In Outlaw Mode (field PVP), Hashashin dominates most characters due to his fast casting skills and short cooldowns, you are able to be in a "Super Armor'' state 100% of the time. Using the skill combinations of Eye of Storm>SandStorm Slash>Eye of Storm>Solar Strike or Breath of Aal or Sand Saber , if played correctly, you will never be knocked down but remember you aren't invincible, so you will receive reduced damage.

In Mass PVP (Guild War and Castle War), you will face a problem where you will feel the weakness of playing a melee character. Even though you are able to be in “Super Armor” all the time, if a lot of players are focusing on you, sadly you will die easily. You will have to learn when to go in at the right time and use skills such as Breath of Aal, to knock down opponents afar.

In Arena PVP, you can open up by sending your tornado (Breath of Aal) on melee opponents, and for range opponents, try to close the gap between you and them by either dodging towards them (if you see their skill animation) or running towards them (if they do not react), by using the combos Eye of Storm>SandStorm Slash>Eye of Storm, you will always have a chance to knock them down first and when they are knockdown, follow up by using a damaging skill. After that utilize your dodges and wait for your skills cooldown to reset and repeat again till victory! Always stay calm and watch your opponent's movements!

2020-09-07 15:09