Accidentally Locked Alchemy Stones
# 1
I was messing around with alchemy crafting and now I have 3 stones that are locked. They are orange and can't be equipped trashed or sold. How do I unlock them so I can free my slots . They were experimental so I wasn't going to keep them. I don't have a stone altar yet.
2020-06-03 12:30
# 2
Look at item detail, click item picture It will be unlocked
2020-06-04 13:03
# 3
Thank you. I had to click on the picture then tap and hold the chain link in the upper right hand corner to unlock. Pressing the chain for about 2 seconds unlocked the item.
2020-06-08 23:54
# 4
Open the inventory for any item and there is a square icon. If you look at the bottom corner of that icon there is a lock symbol.

If you tap the icon [. ] The lock will turn red or silver.

Red is locked. Pressing the chain only set the identifier for sharing the item in world chat.

2020-07-12 08:26