For better game
# 1
Hello, this game need more event and drop rate for better game. Drop rate really suck. Im boring waiting drops.
2022-07-15 13:38
# 2

RNG is present in every game to avoid making the game monotonous. If you feel the game need any improvements then I suggest sending your constructive suggestion to Support Instead. Good luck! ;) 

2022-07-17 08:11
# 3

It's actually in every aspect of the game. RnG is everywhere and you cannot remove or alter that since its in the system since the beginning/launch of the game. What we should do is to ask them to provide us chances or rewards that could help us in our RNG (Ex. Ask for hottime or server hottime if you need akhrad) or ask more restoration scrolls for item upgrade.

2022-07-20 00:38