Mass players leaving game your not listening PA!
# 1
This will be the last time I ever post here so hopefully our community get a clear picture of what is happening here.

Pa for months we have told you to improve the game for us westerners but you constantly keep pushing cash cow deals on small content with packs knowing we have been hording items for months then lower rates to temp buyers. FACT!

There has been no improvement for free2play weekly events have become a complete joke with rewards which are less exciting or appealing for example the last valor. FACTS

Guilds are collapsing and dying everywhere

The cp gap hasn't closed in the slightest, whales are still 5k cp above some

And you offer on weekly updates items which have no use for anyone wtf is going on?

PINK RELIC has been achieved for most before pink shusi and pink accs which crack are you smoking ??

Who ever is in charge of the road map and events need to start listening or face a dead closed game

Now 75% of players that are left have pink relic content no pink shusi no pink accs and some have 0 pinks

Your giving no events for accs or shusi and WHERE THE Fudge IS SHAKATU ACC SHOP!

there is no logic here what so ever its so sad

Why is KR and all other versions getting super events with loads of items and we get stupid resources which our workers farm in gather mode.

This isn't just this week its been going on for months bad events useless items bugs not being fixed complete lack of actual content or we have content we cant even access due to RNG 0000000000000000.1%

Everyone knows the release of shai is a joke and won't ever get played as well but I bet you string it out like 14 days event for nothing when it will be a dead class not used waste of pixels and time.

All I ask is start listening to us give us events which help the newcomers and stop being greedy, 57x 2 boss stamps per day is a joke thats not even 2 runs in hadum boss rush

KR get 2000 per day 😆

Its a complete joke !

2021-03-16 09:07
# 2

PA official answer: We dont care. Money coming, so fck off))

2021-03-17 21:37
# 3

Just play free2play until they have to change something.They will change stuff without any cashflow :)

2021-04-06 07:12