# 1
BDM TF! Dev's and PA's its already more than year yet you guys still not doing a good job in fixing skill buff's! Why? Idk maybe its just me or what but man.. i know all classes got SA/forward, bound on 1st or last hit, KD, some got invincible while using skill yet still there are classes that are i dont understand, especially this hashasin, AM, huntress, raven and nova got more upper hand on that buff's (solid effect). Im using a skill with SA/forward guard but can be bound, im using skill with bound but it wont effect on them coz they use skill with SA. Sometimes my grab skill wont grab them even im very close and by the way it has SA but yet... what the hell? I just noticed it especially in arena long way bofore and thats what im crying for. MAKE IT BALANCE! what the hell did u program in the skills that makes it like that. Why its like there is a defference? Sometimes the skill itself will get canceled coz of that problem. I mean bro whats the purpose of skill buffs if it will be just like that?

To the players here what can u say about this? Am i only the one encountering this?

Any advise or thoughts can you share?

Wew! Really frustrates sometimes. Maybe thats one of the reasons why players go quite. Coz frustrations can go lead to disappointment and make you quite. 🙄
2021-02-13 07:47