You force ppl to quit
# 1
After 10 months of playing. I find no more joy or fun in this game
I had a paladin main , PA nerfed pala long time ago , but I still kept her as main. Then they start to give us OP new characters and I kept my pala . After that they gave us awakening which was not good for pala to become a lancer , (everyone knows how horrible is lancer).
After that they buff AM so it become a broken untouchable class.
We can see the majority of NA media server is AM or zerk or phan and some hash.
But I still kept my pala
And I kept her because I like Valkyries in all games.
But frustration continued.
For last month if my playing rng turned to shìt.
And I failed on everything (enhancing/upgrading/enchanting) on stones/relic and gears and specialy in totems.
I had a 12k cp pala with all red pen and all skills on lvl 5 but I no longer progressing because of the game’s foolish rng base
At last anniversary came and they yet do nothing for old classes and they will continue to give new classes and shìt.
I removed the game 2 days ago and never come back.
There is no joy in a game that you play +6 hours a day and not progress for a month.
It was hard for me to left my friends in our guild but I believe that I can communicate with them out side the game and be in touch with them.
So long PA.

2020-12-13 08:52
# 2
Waiting on gladiator rework
2020-12-13 11:31
# 3
Please Don't insult my favorite Advanced Classes like that! I don't care if you don't like them. That doesn't mean you go on an Pissed off rant about why YOU THINK They Suck! Get Over It!
2020-12-14 11:57
# 4
Topic has been deleted
# 5
@blake .
1.I didn't insult anything, you sure you read my post?
2. I don't care whats your favorite class is , I just shared my experience in this game
3. Everything I said was true and all ppl have these issues in the game
4. I'm sure you don't know what was going on on this game from start
2020-12-14 15:19
# 6
I'M a lancer and i'm agrée with laracroft
All i do i fails since 2weeks and become no stronger. The lancer , more, are slow and no powerfull at all... in ramoness nobody want to play with a lancer and be kicked from all team.
The evolution of your character are limited and juste be a story of LUCK .
So stop that's all for me 2
2020-12-15 14:48