# 1
Tired of losing in arena? Tired of losing in Ramoness?
Tired of losing in node wars? Tired of having shit KPM farm? Tired of tilting?
Well then, you've come to the right thread!
If you follow this easy and simple step, your arena wins will go up substantially!! your farming will go up exponentially!! And most rewarding of all... you won't ever tilt ever again.

Make sure you guys write this down, screen shot it, fucking screen record it if you need to.

This one simple step is listed as so...

Step 1: Make and Archmage.

And that's all folks. You're welcome! Enjoy the free wins and enjoy the game! Thank me later!
2020-11-12 02:11
# 2
U forget berserker now most of top players are AM or Berserker so yes I made my AM to lvl up my arena lvl easily.

PA won't do anything to balance it. All got to do is make AM and enjoy the game stop bothering yourself writing here create one and go on becuz nobody from PA gonna reply u
2020-11-12 23:31
# 3
Archmage? You must be joking, that class is getting nerfed for all the right reasons and will be more in line with other classes.
2020-11-14 00:21
# 4

архимаг ужасно слабый

2020-11-15 04:57