Striker favored in match up versus gladiator
# 1
Devs I dont know if you all intended it to be that way or not. But they have like a 90% win chance versus gladiators. I was playing against this Strike who forward guard, forward guard, disappear ability, forward guard, forward guard. My shield charge doesn't do anything against that and I get stunned. I have to use all my evades so I dont get stunned or grabbed (by the way our Take Downs doesn't work against that either). The only way I get my charging thrust to work against them is by doing a complete circle to attack them from there back. And that's also taking into account that my charging thrust doesnt fizzle before I connect or else I'm a sitting duck. You all are asking gladiators to do the impossible. Where as other classes can just auto attack or repeat an attack cycle. I am running out of dodges against strikers.
2020-11-08 23:11
# 2

Dude, you are posting everytime complaining about your Gladiator is not good for anything. Every topic you posted same thing. You are always complaining about Gladiator vs Other Classes creating 30 posts about the same thing. You cannot win again any class apperently. Stop whinning learn how to play if you can master the Gladiator or a better solution accept the fact pvp is already lame in this game and move on and finally change your class. Stop spamming the forum with your nonsense.

2020-11-10 03:52
# 3
Valoron , there's nothing wrong with Forward Guard thats the only thing Striker can do to initiate and start their Combo by spamming it everytime in any situation. why you cant hit them with charging thrust? understand their skills function man what they do how it works and how to counter it, remember Forward Guard of Striker is also a (Block) and its the same as invulnerability as well as their Super Armor didnt you realize that Gladiator is advance in other melee class? long and decent combo, great damage and specially SHIELD were there is no opening and (its not easy to break must hit many times) c'mon man! learn and master your class do some effective counter and techniques etc. study your opponent how they react in every situation.
2020-11-15 14:34