Are You Nerf the hadum Exp knowledge and Drop spoil??
# 1
I use teir 3 bless, been 1hour only got 1/4 exp knowledge, and the drop spoil take a long time to drop, its so different than before, after update i think you nerf the hadum exp knowledge and spoil drop. Even you give the the HT scorll its make so many potion to use. Feel useless use that ht scroll, i mean the result use or not use ht scroll still same,the differet only in time for farm.
2020-11-01 03:40
# 2
Oh don't worry... It's for the greater good of PA so you spend more money on cash shop. 12h grind and got 4 rift stones last day. I'm done with those scam politics of PA and won't spend a f#$@&#! $ anymore. Good job m#@$#@ guess you went to far
2020-11-04 23:49
# 3
What did you expect to get for only 1 hour grinding lvl4 monster knowledge? 1/4th for an hour is ok man, relax.
2020-11-13 22:03