Drop rate with Hot time 300%
# 1

Unless I'm really unlucky or this is totally BS: 300% hot time + 100% hot time + 10% food buff and all I'm getting is tablets, stamps, stones, and blue books.

and I'm farming in the new area 8000cp lv 473.


Did anyone feel any difference?


2020-10-20 23:42
# 2

You should burn all hottime in hadum or nightmare to see some difference. In hadum exp scrolls and crystals drop rly more, in nightmare it is nerfed with hot time for sure, since i got 1 chest 0 yellow i 3h, without buff i get more chest and yellow skill books?, but shitloads of lightstones and in the normal map... well u just need to go home faster, no drops at all.

2020-10-26 23:35